Mega Man

Rock Man (Age 9): As you know, I already have a Mega Man NT Warrior post on the site but the authors wanted two series, and this one is the one based off the video game. I think that the graphic novel is good for six and up because there is some graphic violence in there and some puns. It is about a robot boy whose name is Rock. Rock has to take some modifications to be able to take on Dr. Wily’s reprogrammed robot masters. The difference between NT Warrior and this video game based comic is that some characters, like Lan, Chaud, Maylu, and Dex aren’t in this comic. Also, the Netops are the robot masters. And Roll is Rock’s sister. Honestly, I liked Mega Man NT Warrior better. The art is cartoony and really fits the story.

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Superior Spider-Man

Terios (Age 12): I think that Superior Spider-Man is one of the best marvel comics for kids 12+. The main character is Doc Ock. That might surprise you, but the reason why Doc Ock is the main character is because Spidey and Ock switched bodies right before Doc Ock died. Now Doc Ock has relived Pete’s whole life and understands why Spidey is who he is today! However, Ock is still arrogant and mean, so you can see how that works out! The main setting is, of course, Manhattan! The art is very detailed. I really like the art work because it works well with the action scenes and the quieter scenes. Over all, I think that it is one of the best comic book series for ages 12+!

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The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza — Preview!

Dadō (Age 45)
: Head on over to Boing Boing (be aware of adult content on the site) and check out their exclusive preview of James Kochalka’s The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza! Thrill to outer space adventure as the Glorkian Warrior and his super backpack attempt to fulfill destiny! If you’re a fan of Zita the Spacegirl, we’re sure you’ll love this new graphic novel from First Second.

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Big Nate

Terios (Age 12): Big Nate is super funny! One reason that I like it is because it is a lot like Calvin and Hobbes. The main characters are the scheming Nate and his friends Frances, who likes to study, and fun loving Teddy. It takes place everywhere — from their school to a beach to Nate’s house. My opinion is that Big Nate is about Nate, Teddy, and Frances’s adventures and misadventures, but you could think it is about Nate getting through school. There are many possibilities. One of the many story lines that I like is when Nate fills the school parking lot with chocolate pudding for prank day! Big Nate is a New York Times best seller. I think it is great for all ages. The art style is cartoony. Sometimes it is in color, and sometimes it is black and white.

Dadō says: You can read the latest Big Nate comics for kids, and check out the author’s blog, videos, and games at the official Big Nate website!

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Happy Happy Clover

Rock Man (Age 9): Happy Happy Clover is a book about four little bunnies named Clover, Shallot, Kale, and Mallow. They are always causing mischief in their home at Crescent Forest. Clover is excited and funny, Kale is kind and athletic, Mallow is thoughtful and compassionate, Shallot loves books and is an outstanding student. I think that it is okay for all ages. The story and art is by Sayuri Tatsuyama. The book is funny and adventurous. I really like it. The book  is separated by little adventures that all tie into each other. The art is manga. Manga art looks like someone printed it out on a computer.

Dadō says: An anime (cartoon) version of Happy Happy Clover was produced in Japan, but it is unavailable in the US. Hey, at least we have these cool comics for kids!

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